It's plant
not plastic!

Australia’s only plant-based water bottle. 100% compostable. 

Made by nature, returns to nature.

Filled with 500ml of sustainably sourced Australian spring water.

It’s not all about the bottle

We use spring water of exceptional quality and purity sourced from the Flinders Ranges. 

Sustainably sourced and bottled – we are dedicated to, environmentally sustainable outcomes at every stage of production.

Nature gives our water everything it needs.


It’s time to make the change

Do you want to stock our water bottles?

We are always looking for new retail, stockists and distribution partners across Australia and beyond. 

We can also help you to make the switch to plant based compostable bottles. Our 500ml bottles can be customised to your brand and logo.

It’s about time, you know more

Learn more about our 100% plant based bottles and caps in the FAQ section. 

We want to spread the word about a sustainable future.

bottle cap - its not plastic

100% Plant Based Bottle & Cap​

Vegetable Ink Labels

Fully Compostable

Premium Australian Spring Water​

Featured Stockist:

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief someone else will save it

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Get Social
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Stay hydrated, stay in touch.
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